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Leo Lunar eclipse

Saturday’s Full Moon is a lunar eclipse. Though not visible in Australia, this is still an important eclipse as there are a number of planets making aspects to the Sun and Moon, notably Jupiter which has just stationed and turned retrograde. Jupiter trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon offering an abundance of fortunate connections and opportunities. […]

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Cancer Full Moon

Welcome to 2017!  Happy New Year. The first Full Moon of the year coincides with Venus at her greatest elongation from the Sun. Now entering the last stages of her evening star phase, the love goddess aligns with romantic Neptune, making this a heartfelt and emotional Full Moon. The Sun and Moon square off with […]

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Aquarius New Moon – Supermoon

This is the first of two Aquarius New Moons. Next month we have another one that will usher in the Chinese New Year of the Green (Wood) Sheep. This Aquarius New Moon is an invisible Supermoon, as the Moon is close to perigee now. Neptune and Mars are swimming together in Pisces fuelling our desires […]

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First Full Moon of 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping the coming 12 months are peaceful, fulfilling and rewarding! On the whole, 2015 looks like being a much easier year than 2014. We still have one more hit of PLURSQ to navigate in March, but the astrology calendar for 2015 looks like providing more options and greater freedom of choice. There are […]

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Lunar Eclipse

The October 8 Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible from most parts of Australia (weather permitting). What is special about this Full Moon is that Uranus will be right alongside the Moon when it disappears in the Earth’s shadow. Venus too is joining the line-up, hidden behind the Sun. With Venus, Sun, Earth, Moon and […]

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Just one day after Qantas announced a 15 per cent cutback in staff that will mean 5000 people lose their jobs, two Qantas aircraft collided on the ground at LAX. At the time of the collision, transiting Mercury was stationing direct and a host of other planets are stationing, both direct and retrograde. Transiting Saturn is currently on Qantas’ Sun […]

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