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The August Solar Eclipse

Total eclipses are incredibly powerful alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth. They have two distinct patterns through time, the 18 year Saros cycle and the 19 year Metonic cycle. This eclipse is linked to eclipses and events in 1998 and 1999. When Donald Trump was elected back in November last year I noticed that […]

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Virgo Solar Eclipse

Time moves in one direction, taking us on an amazing ride across the universe. It’s a journey that seems to speed up with every passing year. It’s a big month, with two eclipses, Jupiter changing signs and the Libra Equinox. The month kicks off with a dramatic Solar eclipse at 9 Virgo that opposes  planet […]

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Pisces Solar Eclipse & Supermoon

This Pisces New Moon is a total solar eclipse that will trace a path across Indonesia and Malaysia to the north of Australia. Eclipses are unique alignments that happen because the Moon and the Sun appear to be the same size from Earth. Eclipses are dynamic alignments that have tremendous energy. Astrologically, eclipses remind us […]

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Virgo New Moon – Solar Eclipse

This partial solar eclipse in Virgo opposes wounded-healer Chiron which is in close proximity to the Earth. Healing and health are a priority now. The sign Virgo is traditionally associated with health too, so this is an excellent New Moon to commit to a new health regime and do some internal spring cleaning!     […]

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