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June Solstice Report & Cancer New Moon

At this Solstice the Moon and Venus are shining beautifully together in Taurus in the pre-dawn light. This is a bountiful and peaceful combination that promotes love and harmony.  The Moon is entering its balsamic phase at this Solstice, enhancing this quiet time of reflection and preparation, with a Cancerian New Moon to follow in […]

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Pisces New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses happen at least twice each year and are visible from different regions of the globe. This one will not be seen in Australia, but all eclipses are powerful, especially if they touch a personal planet, or angle in your chart. Solar eclipse New Moons such as this are key creative moments when new […]

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Sagittarius New Moon

This Sagittarius New Moon combines with marriage goddess Juno and makes a square to Neptune. Sagittarius energy urges us to engage enthusiastically with what inspires us, but with Neptune, there comes uncertainty. This could result in a lack of focus or motivation that disrupts the flow of creative output. Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto/Venus encouraging […]

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Federal Election – Astrology Forecast

We have reached the half way mark of 2016 and what a ride it’s been so far! The recent Brexit decision is a manifestation of  the fear of foreigners that we’re seeing in many regions of the world, symbolised by Saturn in Sagittarius. The chaotic political situation in many parts of the world is also […]

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Capricorn New Moon – Jan 10 2016

Happy New Year all! 2016 promises to be an exciting year full of myriad options and opportunities. Did you made any new year resolutions? The December solstice was a pivotal time for harnessing the creative power of the cosmos,  but every New Moon is also a good time to set our intentions. So if you […]

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Aries New Moon

The Aries New Moon is a key point in the astrology calendar. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac and New Moons being about new beginnings, there is a dynamic fresh energy associated with this time of the year. Mars, Aries ruling planet,  is located in determined Taurus and squares grandiose Jupiter in Leo. With this aspect in […]

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Aquarius New Moon – Supermoon

This is the first of two Aquarius New Moons. Next month we have another one that will usher in the Chinese New Year of the Green (Wood) Sheep. This Aquarius New Moon is an invisible Supermoon, as the Moon is close to perigee now. Neptune and Mars are swimming together in Pisces fuelling our desires […]

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Capricorn Solstice & New Moon

The clockwork of the universe shifts up a gear at this month’s New Moon, which interestingly occurs just a couple of hours after the Solstice!! While every New Moon brings fresh opportunities, this one is bursting with dynamic new energy and brimming with options. Our star the Sun has been very active of late too, with major […]

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Sagittarius New Moon 22 November 2014

This New Moon takes aim from the start of Sagittarius and with it comes a distinct shift in energy. This is a positive and uplifting New Moon that gives us options and a wider perspective. Wild and free, Sagittarius is a marriage of the yang polarity, the fire element and the mutable quality, opening us up to many […]

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