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March Equinox

    The chart for the March Equinox sees Venus and Mars in each other’s natural sign (mutual reception) and in semi-sextile aspect. This tricky arrangement could test relationships, especially because Venus is retrograde and in the process of re-evaluating the merit of her close ties. This chart suggests that we could be put into […]

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Gemini Full Moon

This week’s Gemini Full Moon sees the Sun, Saturn and Mercury close together in early Sagittarius. The general mood will be a mix of serious and relaxed and we will have to be extra adaptable as there are a lot of mercurial details to manage. Mercury is squaring Neptune adding a degree of uncertainty to […]

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Libra New Moon

              Order your 2016 calendars here. Venus takes centre stage again this month, leading a huge stellium of planets and asteroids as she rises in the morning sky. As the ruling planet of this Libra New Moon, Venus comes into her own. Now in Virgo, Venus is very self-sufficient […]

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Aries New Moon

The Aries New Moon is a key point in the astrology calendar. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac and New Moons being about new beginnings, there is a dynamic fresh energy associated with this time of the year. Mars, Aries ruling planet,  is located in determined Taurus and squares grandiose Jupiter in Leo. With this aspect in […]

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Sagittarius New Moon 22 November 2014

This New Moon takes aim from the start of Sagittarius and with it comes a distinct shift in energy. This is a positive and uplifting New Moon that gives us options and a wider perspective. Wild and free, Sagittarius is a marriage of the yang polarity, the fire element and the mutable quality, opening us up to many […]

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