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Leo Lunar eclipse

Saturday’s Full Moon is a lunar eclipse. Though not visible in Australia, this is still an important eclipse as there are a number of planets making aspects to the Sun and Moon, notably Jupiter which has just stationed and turned retrograde. Jupiter trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon offering an abundance of fortunate connections and opportunities. […]

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Pisces Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon

A number of factors suggest this lunar eclipse is a major awakening. The Moon is closely tied to Chiron, boosting emotional strength and wisdom. This suggests soul healing at a very deep level. Pisces is associated with forgiveness, empathy and universal love. Chiron is the archetypal wounded healer, so emotional wounds could surface now, especially through […]

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Libra Lunar Eclipse

Mercury represents the rational, logical mind and at this Full Moon/eclipse he is highly conscious and aware. Close to the Sun, Mercury is opposing the irrational Moon who is the repository of our feelings and memories. The Moon is naturally attuned to the instinctive realm, the unconscious, a place where words cannot convey or explain […]

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Easter Lunar Eclipse

It’s eclipse time on the astrology calendar. This Full Moon is a total lunar eclipse that will happen on Easter Saturday and it will be visible from all parts of Australia. The Earth’s shadow will cross the face of the Moon over several hours, but the period of total eclipse will only last a few minutes. This eclipse […]

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Lunar Eclipse

The October 8 Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible from most parts of Australia (weather permitting). What is special about this Full Moon is that Uranus will be right alongside the Moon when it disappears in the Earth’s shadow. Venus too is joining the line-up, hidden behind the Sun. With Venus, Sun, Earth, Moon and […]

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