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Sag Full Moon and Trump’s Transits

This Full Moon lines up close to Saturn. Moon-Saturn combinations tend to be rather depressing, but this one is in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, which may help lighten the mood. There is a lot going on this week that makes this an exuberant and creative time full of surprises. Venus reached her greatest elongation earlier this week at […]

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Taurus New Moon- May 7

Venus recently disappeared from the morning sky, vanishing into the glare of the Sun. In Taurus, with the Sun and Moon, Venus has entered a new phase where enduring commitments are of paramount importance. Taurus is a sign that combines the fixed quality with the earth element, and with its ruling planet Venus also located […]

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Easter Lunar Eclipse

It’s eclipse time on the astrology calendar. This Full Moon is a total lunar eclipse that will happen on Easter Saturday and it will be visible from all parts of Australia. The Earth’s shadow will cross the face of the Moon over several hours, but the period of total eclipse will only last a few minutes. This eclipse […]

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