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Capricorn Full Moon

It’s been a year full of dramatic stellar events and this month is no exception. In many ways this Full Moon is a culmination of the winding road we’ve been travelling. At what destination will we arrive? Next month is eclipse season, a time of endings and beginnings, so this month is a prelude to […]

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Pisces New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses happen at least twice each year and are visible from different regions of the globe. This one will not be seen in Australia, but all eclipses are powerful, especially if they touch a personal planet, or angle in your chart. Solar eclipse New Moons such as this are key creative moments when new […]

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Pisces Solar Eclipse & Supermoon

This Pisces New Moon is a total solar eclipse that will trace a path across Indonesia and Malaysia to the north of Australia. Eclipses are unique alignments that happen because the Moon and the Sun appear to be the same size from Earth. Eclipses are dynamic alignments that have tremendous energy. Astrologically, eclipses remind us […]

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Aries Supermoon

This is the largest Supermoon of 2015 and it’s also a total lunar eclipse! The eclipse will not be visible in Australia, but emotional surges and high tides can be expected. Seismic activity could also spike under this powerful Supermoon. Significantly, the Sun joins with marriage goddess Juno at 4 degrees of Libra (the sign of relationship) and the Moon’s opposition […]

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The month of March is named after Mars, the god of war – the planet we association with action. And what an action packed week we have coming up!! This week we have an incredibly powerful total solar eclipse that will be visible from a narrow band of sky in the northern hemisphere. This eclipse […]

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Mars Retrograde

In 2014 Mars will be retrograde from March 2 until May 20 a period of 80 days. This is one of the longer Mars retrograde cycles, (the longest is 82 days and that happened last time Mars was R in Virgo two years ago). The Mars synodic cycle is the longest of all planetary synods. […]

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