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Libra New Moon

This powerful New Moon opposes radical Uranus in what promises to be an exciting and revealing lunation. This opposition is  very tight, within just four minutes of arc! Uranus always surprises us, so expect sudden revelations as Uranus makes its closest approach to the Earth. Rapid change is part of daily life; it seems that […]

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The August Solar Eclipse

Total eclipses are incredibly powerful alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth. They have two distinct patterns through time, the 18 year Saros cycle and the 19 year Metonic cycle. This eclipse is linked to eclipses and events in 1998 and 1999. When Donald Trump was elected back in November last year I noticed that […]

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Sag Full Moon and Trump’s Transits

This Full Moon lines up close to Saturn. Moon-Saturn combinations tend to be rather depressing, but this one is in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, which may help lighten the mood. There is a lot going on this week that makes this an exuberant and creative time full of surprises. Venus reached her greatest elongation earlier this week at […]

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