Virgo New Moon

This Virgo New Moon opposes Chiron, reminding us  of the importance of health and wellbeing.

Both Virgo and Chiron are symbols associated with these important aspects of life. This is an excellent New Moon for detoxing and getting fit. The sextile to Ceres in Cancer enhances our motivation to  choose organic and natural products and foods that do not pollute or harm.

The Sun and Moon make a close quincunx to Uranus, suggesting that unforeseen events could take us by surprise. Quincunx aspects also have associations to health because they naturally link the Ascendant to the 6th house cusp.


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Like the semi-sextile, the quincunx is formed between signs that have neither element, quality nor polarity in common. Quincunx aspects can take is out of our comfort zone and expose us to things that we find uncomfortable or strange. This adds  quirkiness to this Virgo New Moon,  raising the uncertainty factor, but this can also help us to consider fresh alternatives in our quest for healing.

Virgo hates waste of any kind, least of all wasting time. Virgo is an organised sign that pays attention to details but also focuses on the most efficient way to do things.  This could be a difficult thing to achieve at this New Moon because Mercury is opposite  the planet of dreams, illusion and mystery, Neptune. Various options, uncertainty and brain fog could cloud the facts or delay decision making.

Media spin and propaganda are associated with Mercury-Neptune combinations, so try to read between the lines.

On the plus side, imagination and creativity are heightened under this aspect.


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