Pisces Full Moon

Water is a universal cleansing agent that washes away residue, dirt, and toxins. Many hazards are cleansed by our oceans, but the amount of rubbish and plastic in our waterways is at an alarming level. Oceans and plastic are both ruled by Neptune. It seems extra significant that this Pisces Full Moon aligns with its ruling planet Neptune. This watery Full Moon is likely to illuminate many global issues. We ignore the environment and the impact we have on it, at our peril.

Neptune governs the weather too. In myth, Neptune would command the seas and winds to whip up furious storms. At this Full Moon we are witnessing the power of water in the floods in India and the USA. As I write, another hurricane, Irma, is set to travel through the Carribbean and on to the Florida Coast. A category 5 storm, this is even more powerful than Harvey which flooded Houston last week.

Mercury turns direct once more at this Full Moon, highlighting matters that we may have recently overlooked. Significantly, this Mercury station occurs at the same degree as last month’s dramatic solar eclipse, reinforcing the intensity of that powerful stellar alignment.

Mercury governs communication of all kinds, computers, email, phones and other types of technology used to communicate, as well as all forms of transport.

Stationary planets are incredibly powerful. Their apparent lack of movement amplifies their intensity. Further revelations concerning the Trump Russian saga may come to light now.




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