Leo New Moon

Mars will commence a new synodic cycle just after this New Moon, heralding an important directional change.

It’s time to assess the past two years. What have we learned about ourselves? What have been the results of our actions? What have we achieved? Are we ready for a new challenge and what is it?

The Moon, Sun and Mars in Leo bring a much needed confidence boost. Energy levels are high. This is a creative and highly expressive New Moon, but if Leo energy is taken too far, egos can run amok.

Those who bully and seek to exert control over others for their own personal benefit, will likely find this Leo New Moon reveals inner childhood wounds that need to be healed.

Psychologically speaking, excess pride and vanity are often a symptom of deep seated insecurity. Whenever we encounter pushiness or bullying, you can be sure that underneath there is a scared and insecure infant. We might feel sorry for the child who experienced abuse and pain, but as adults we are expected to grow up and behave. Healing early wounds is therefore vital to our future wellbeing.

Venus opposes Saturn so the value systems that guide our decisions are under pressure and may need revising. Any inherent flaws, or unprincipled actions will be exposed.

In simple terms, Mars represents quantity, the biggest, the fastest, the strongest, while Venus represents quality; things that are measured against core standards such as our personal preferences,  our likes and dislikes. This is a vulnerable time and how we cope with it will tell us how our self esteem is functioning.

If all is okay on that front, this is a creative time of new challenges when we will seek to express ourselves in new ways.  Use the energy boost to assess long term goals and make choices about which projects to put our energy into. It’s worth remembering that we are never too old to learn new things, or to play.