Sag Full Moon and Trump’s Transits

This Full Moon lines up close to Saturn. Moon-Saturn combinations tend to be rather depressing, but this one is in happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, which may help lighten the mood. There is a lot going on this week that makes this an exuberant and creative time full of surprises.

Venus reached her greatest elongation earlier this week at 27 Aries while making a tight conjunction with eccentric Uranus. This exciting aspect will feed into this Full Moon. Venus operates in a  highly independent and forthright manner when she is at her greatest elongation, especially in the morning star location. This is an outspoken and wildly creative mix that will be further energised by Pallas Athena and Eris. People stand up for their principles and speak their mind under this influence.

Jupiter will station direct the day after this Full Moon and this will fuel the potential for exaggeration and over-reaction, but this is a good aspect for risk taking.

Jupiter stations are given to over-confidence, acting out, and jumping the gun (like Donald Trump whose natal Jupiter is within a few hours of stationary direct).

While this is great for taking risks, it’s also given to over-estimating, foot in mouth faux-pas, and biting off more than we can digest.

The Venus-Uranus-Pallas Athena-Eris stellium will help us to stand our ground on matters of principle, but the potential for extreme reactions is high.  The lack of moderation shown by these planetary combinations and aspects will hopefully be tempered by Saturn’s influence, helping us recognise our limitations, make wise judgements and keep a level head.

This Full Moon will be significant for Donald Trump… it lines up with his Sun-Moon Nodal Axis plus…

On June 8 transiting Saturn will sesquisquare Trump’s 12th house Pluto bringing tough political obstacles. This will further expose his lack of experience and reinforces the fact that he is unfit for office. Saturn-Pluto transits are known to make one feel powerless and given Trump’s insecurity and  puffed up ego, it’s clear that he does not handle feeling powerless at all well.

The following day the transiting North Node will connect with his Mars which is likely to result in a temper tantrum raising his blood pressure as opposition to him and his agenda grows.  This is also the day of  a Full Moon that lines up with his Uranus-Sun-Nodal axis and his Moon.

One day later Jupiter stations direct within a couple of degrees of Trump’s own stationary direct Jupiter and quite close to his Chiron, inflaming matters further, suggesting possible health issues. Later this month transiting Saturn will oppose the midpoint of his Saturn and MC, quincunxing both, as it closes in on his Moon and opposes his Sun. Quincunxes involving Saturn can have health implications.




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