Gemini New Moon

Although it’s a New Moon and therefore not visible, this is a powerful Supermoon, in fact it’s the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth this year!
Supermoons heighten emotional responses, so following on from a Scorpio Full Moon, the whole month of May could be especially emotional.

Venus squares Pluto now too and she is almost at her greatest elongation. When Venus is at her widest mark from the Sun, she helps us to stand up for our principles and state quite firmly what our intentions are. Her conjunction to Pallas Athena also encourages us to speak our mind in no uncertain terms.

This has the potential to be quite a radical time and pent up feelings could suddenly erupt. Venus Pluto squares can sever ties and bring an end to relationships, especially where unwise financial or emotional investments have been made. It’s a time to regroup and stand up for our rights against situations, or people that are not in our best interests. Social engagement is vital to the twins, so severing ties can be especially stressful, even if it’s necessary.

Mars and Saturn oppose one another,  so frustrations have the potential to erupt. Try to channel any tension into physical activities or hard work, or make changes that more honestly support your guiding standards and principles.

Mars and Saturn are in a helpful aspect with Uranus and Eris which will assist in releasing tension and fuel positive changes, though the events surrounding this New Moon could be quite dramatic.


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