Scorpio Full Moon

The month of May starts with Mercury stationing direct on the 4th while making a conjunction to Uranus. This is likely to spark flashes of insight and provide much needed inspiration. This aspect is a rapid awakening, so matters that we may have overlooked could suddenly leap into our mind.

This conjunction will continue to enlighten us through the first week of May. By the time of this Full Moon, Mercury and Uranus are still closely linked.

This conjunction in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius, providing concrete tangible means to harness our new creative ideas, sustaining the energy and inspiration and helping to implement long range plans.

It’s well known that a pendulum will swing only so far before it swings back in the other direction.  It’s a law of nature. Karma works the same way; just like gravity. At first glance this looks like a fairly benign Full Moon, but quite a lot is going on beneath the surface.

The sign of Scorpio is fixed water, like an iceberg, much of it lies hidden from view.  Emotionally, Scorpio Full Moons pack a punch. They can take us on a journey into the past in order to work through deep-seated issues that resurface. Events that arise can be like the tip of an iceberg, with ramifications and unknown outcomes. With Mercury and Uranus so active and conscious, it’s likely that a great deal of unconscious material will emerge into consciousness at this Full Moon.

Mars squares Neptune and trines Jupiter. On the one hand this suggests opportunities and benefits from hard work, but  it also  implies a sense of loss, weariness, or even betrayal. Reactions to events could range from ecstatic, to totally underwhelming. There are a whole gamut of possible responses to this Full Moon, but whatever they are, they will be revealing and provide deeper understanding.

It’s worth noting that one of Nostradamus’s Quatrains forecast a major earthquake when the Sun is at 20 degrees Taurus. He didn’t give a year, but said that the ‘great theatre’ would be ruined, which some people take to mean Hollywood. Given the extra gravitational effects of a Full Moon and the release of energy implied, this is certainly plausible.