Libra Full Moon

April is named after Aphrodite, the Greek counterpart of Roman Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. With a Libra Full Moon and a Taurus New Moon at this time of year, it’s fitting this month is named after her.

It’s especially apt this year because at this Full Moon Venus is about to turn direct after her 40 day retrograde sojourn. Her direct station on the 15th gives us the green light to implement fresh plans, start relationships and embark on new activities. Stationary Venus joins Chiron in Pisces, which opens us to the healing power of love. Our vulnerabilities and wounds could be exposed at this time, but Chiron helps us understand that in sharing our personal experiences we can find common ground with those who can relate to our story. This helps to seed heartfelt connections. Healing fosters special relationships based on mutual empathy and understanding.

This Full Moon joins gas giant Jupiter which could hyper inflate egos and emotions with so much hot air, but this can also provide opportunities to share ourselves generously with others. As always, responses depend on our level of consciousness.  Jupiter and the Moon can add heat and drama to already over the top situations.

With the Sun joining Uranus and Eris we are likely to continue to witness  some chaotic and disruptive scenes particularly in the political arena. Mars and Ceres are now at 22 degrees Taurus, so yet again we are faced with more challenging semi-sextile aspects that ask us to make adjustments in our dealings with others. This could be a very polarising Full Moon for some, with the potential for conflict to come to a head.

With Mercury retrograde, communication breakdowns could also confuse matters. Try to be precise and review details before speaking out. Mars and Ceres together in Taurus are likely to spur action and protests on environmental issues.



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